FourPaws Tug of War
FourPaws Tug of War
FourPaws Tug of War
FourPaws Tug of War
FourPaws Tug of War
FourPaws Tug of War

FourPaws Tug of War

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Why Do I Need This?


Built for busy people in mind, the FourPaws Tug of War(™) is the fastest and most effective way to entertain your dog while freeing up hours for you.

This toy can virtually be placed anywhere and instantly your dog will be hooked! Love having energy to relax after work? Try the FourPaws Tug of War next time when you come home from work! Our customers tell us they have so much more personal time now!


Now viewed by over 20 million pet lovers, our toy is the greatest Tug-of-War toy of all time! Just Stick & Go!

Your dog will never be bored again! Our interactive toy will keep your dog entertained for hours on end. They'll have no idea why it wont come off!


Why FourPaws Tug of War?

  • Safe & Easy to Install - Each toy is made with high quality non-toxic material, easy to install on any smooth surface.
  • Suitable for Large Dogs - Easily withstand Dogs up to 140 Lbs!
  • Great for Pups - Teething and aggressive Dogs will use their energy on something other than your belongings!
  • Prevent Boredom - Dogs can get lonely, our tug-toy will keep them entertained for hours while your away!

What is it made of?

The chewing and pulling action helps clean your dog's teeth while also releasing aggressive behavior without causing harm.

Tough and durable, the toy made from durable material that are safe even for the most aggressive chewers.

The perfect choice if you want to keep your dog busy while you're away or if you just want to encourage independent play.

A great chew toy for dogs. Fasten the suction cup onto a firm surface for a challenging chew toy for your dog to bite and pull.

What else do I need to know?

  • ALL TYPES of dogs from puppies to large dogs all couldn't resist giving a quick tug.
  • WILL IT HARM MY PET? Absolutely not! Our Tug of War toy was specifically designed with thick cotton fiber rope to prevent any backfire or kickbacks.
  • FLOOR DAMAGE? We recommend using our Tug of War toy on tiled or flat surfaces. Recommended for outdoor use.

Available in Blue, Turquoise, Red, Orange and Purple.

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